Flushing AHU Coils

There are several varieties of air handling unit including Terminal Units which are smaller versions for local use which only include a blower, air filter and coil, Makeup Air Units which condition solely outdoor air and Rooftop Units which are usually found, as the name suggests, on roofs and are designed for outside use.

External housing AHU on roof
internally housed air handling unit

Heating and Cooling Elements In Air cut away of AHU Handling Units

Air handling units are required to provide cooling and heating in order to change the supply’s air temperature and level of humidity, and this is provided by the heat exchanger coils (not to be confused with plate heat exchangers, which we also clean) that are found inside the air handling unit’s air stream. Indirect coils use steam or hot water for heating or chilled water for cooling. The coils are usually made with copper tubing as well as aluminium or copper fins to facilitate the transfer of heat. Cooling coils also use eliminator plates which drain and remove condensate and, if dehumidification is needed, the cooling coil over-cools to produce condensation.
cut away of AHU

Cleaning Air Handling Units

In order to make sure that the building has an effective and efficient ventilation system, it is necessary to maintain the coils at their maximum level of efficiency so that they can deliver 100% of their load. To do this, it is important to maintain and clean the air handling units regularly, as having a clean air handling unit and clean ductwork will remove any pollutants that can be carried in the air. If dust and debris is allowed to accumulate on the components of the system such as control dampers, filters and coils, not only will air flow be restricted resulting in poorer quality air circulation, but also an increase in energy costs. Failure to keep the air handling units clean can also lead to corrosion inside the system’s components like frames, fans and filters and this can lead to contamination being deposited throughout the system. It is also important to ensure that regular air handling unit cleaning is carried out to prevent blockage of the condensate drains which could lead to moisture levels mounting up which can result in mould build up.  We handle all elements of air handling unit cleaning, by making sure that all components and internal surfaces are thoroughly cleaned in order to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of the unit’s operation, prolonging its lifespan, guarding against the problems associated with a lack of maintenance and also helping to cut the cut of heating and cooling energy bills.

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