berryhill care home powerflushKeeping central heating systems functioning at their optimal level is always important to avoid a complete breakdown and an expensive boiler replacement, but perhaps never more so than in the case of care homes. Elderly residents rely heavily on their radiators to keep them warm and comfortable, and if their heating is not working properly there can be health consequences. One such care home that was experiencing issues with their heating system was Berryhill Retirement Villas in Stoke on Trent.

Berryhill Retirement Villas

Operated by the ExtraCare Charitable Trust, Berryhill Retirement Villas is dedicated to giving older people a better quality of life. The property consists of 148 rental flats which house more than 160 residents, with a third of them receiving help with their care. Depending on the individual’s circumstances, the home is able to support residents who have been assessed as having significant care needs as well as those who are suffering from dementia but who are still able to live independently. Residents are all aged 55 or over, with priority being given to those who live locally or who have a connection to the area. The 148 apartments either have one or two bedrooms, each one having its own kitchen, hallway, living room and shower room. 45 of the properties also feature a shared patio. The residents can enjoy the use of a range of excellent facilities including communal parking areas, a cafe and bar, a gym, greenhouse, craft room, IT facilities, hairdressing salon, a guest suite, a laundry, library, landscaped garden, licenced bar, reception area, restaurant, village shop, village hall, main street with communal seating as well as a well being room. Residents are welcome to take part in a selection of exciting activities that allow them to socialise as well as to learn new skills.

Maintenance Of The Care Home Heating System

With over 160 elderly residents, many of whom have significant health issues, it is vital to ensure that the care home’s central heating system is working correctly, both for the residents’ comfort and their well being. Power flushing is the best way to make sure that a heating system is functioning to its optimal level by removing the debris, rust, sludge and other contaminants that collect inside the boiler, radiators and pipes over time and which causes heating problems such as noisy radiators, cold spots and slow heating. We understand the importance of keeping downtime in these types of properties to a minimum to avoid distressing the residents and therefore when working in care homes we always work closely with the care home management team to ensure that we operate in the most efficient and least disruptive manner possible. At Berryhill, for example, we are carrying out power flushing in three flats at a time so that as few residents as possible are affected by our work. As well as performing a power flush, we are also adding filters into the plastic pipework to prevent any further debris from collecting in the system and contaminating it causing further blockages. This will give the central heating system a longer lifespan and will mean that the residents will have a warmer, more comfortable home without the risk of future breakdowns and further disruption.