Dynamic Flushing: The method of de-sludging and/or de-scaling that leaves your existing pumps in-situ.

large steel manifold prior to flushingOccasionally, it’s either not possible, or for whatever reason, you do not want to remove your circulating pumps.  Not a problem.  With our years of experience of flushing out large scale systems of all types and variations we are 100% confident that we can take care of your power-flush.  However, this approach is not standard and a site-visit and meeting on-site with your project engineer would be an essential requirement before considering a clean-out using this method.
hamworthy set-up prior to dynamic flushing
Courtesy: Hamworthy
Hamworthy boiler after flushing
Courtesy: Hamworthy
First, we need to identify where we can dose the system and then, most importantly, we need to make sure that there are adequate filters in the flow pipework before your pumps and other sensitive equipment – flow meters, heat exchangersHeating Interface Unitsboilers, etc .  That needs to be done before the chemical is added.  (Please note that every heating system is different and has it’s own peculiarities.  This just one of the ways we approach a Dynamic Flushing job and the actual method used to flush your system may be different.) The time consuming part of the work is the time spent on site in carrying out the flush.  The main power flush will be carried-out in exactly the same way as we would if connected with our own machines.  Completely in accordance with the BSRIA method of cleaning and re-instating:

In short,

Isolate each radiator in turn and flush only that one until clean.  Mechanically agitate the radiator in question during the flush.

If you are in any way concerned about taking your circulating pump out temporarily out of service for a full power flush then Dynamic Flushing may be the way to go.   Pick up the phone and call us today for advice.