A problem with the underfloor heating is one of the commercial landlord's worst nightmares.

There’s always that niggling thought at the back of your mind “What if it can’t be cleared out?  What the 4X do we do then?”  Doesn’t bear thinking about does it? Wet underfloor heating circulates warm water within a succession of constantly looping pipes under the floor. The outcome of this is that a huge radiant surface is produced; the whole flooring area effectively coming to be a heating source, warming your office space from the floor upwards. Underfloor-Heating needs just reduced temperature warm water rather than the hot water required to heat radiators.  The low temperature means that it matches well with contemporary condensing central heating boilers and heatpump set-ups.   Comfort levels are high while running costs are low. All in all an underfloor heating system is a popular choice in office blocks and atriums across the country.  But when, they go wrong?  It’s not as if the pipework can be dug up and replaced.  Many of the power flushing companies around just don’t have the experience or equipment to tackle large underfloor heating systems.  We do.  For example, we know that the best way to flush is to connect at the manifold and tackle each loop separately so that the flow rates through each loop can be accurately measured whilst we are pushing the cleaning mix only through that loop.

Here’s what to expect when we undertake a power-flush of an underfloor heating system.

1.  Site visit with a thermal imaging camera to take infra-red photos of the sections that need un-blocking. 2.  Formulate a plan of action, talk to the engineer on site, talk to the commissioning purchaser.  Agree the methodology including access required and fix a date for work to start. 3.  Visit site.  Carry-out access requirements to circuit/s. 4.  Clear the blockages. 5.  Re-instatement heating circuits and test flows. 6.  Re-balance return flow valves. 7.  If required a return visit can be made after the previously affected floor slab has returned to normal heat. We provide a report to show areas where solenoids need replacing, or the valves themselves, etc If you have problems with your underfloor heating system give us a call.  If we can’t fix it, then no-one can.