Single Pipe Heating System Power Flushing

Early warm water systems were made use of in Russia for central home heating of the Summertime Royal residence (1710– 1714) of Peter the Great in Saint Petersburg.  A little later, in 1716, came the initial use of hot water in Sweden to spread heat throughout buildings.  Nevertheless, these sporadic for some decades and mostly confined in their application to greenhouses. It’s wide spread usages was initially dismissed as not practical,  until 1836, when the technology went into a stage of quick growth.

Large Bore Pipes = Harder To Flush

Early systems had made use of reduced pressure water systems, which needed very large pipes.   One of the initial modern hot water central heater to treat this shortage were installed by Angier March Perkins in London in the 1830s.  At that time central heating was coming into fashion in Britain, with steam or warm air systems typically being used. Large bore pipework is harder to flush and even the largest domestic powerflush equipment is almost useless.  This is where our custom-designed large flushing machine with it’s 100ltr break-tank and 2x marine industrial pumps comes into it’s own.
One Pipe system Clevedon Hall

Clevedon Hall, Bristol. Very large one pipe heating system successfully cleaned

Perkins’ 1832 apparatus dispersed water at 200 levels Celsius (392 ° F) via little diameter pipelines at high pressure. An essential creation making the system practical was the thread screwed joint, that allowed the joint between the pipes to bear a similar pressure to the pipe itself. He additionally separated the boiler from the heat resource to decrease the danger of surge. The first device was mounted in the house of the Governor of the Bank of England, John Horsley Palmer so that he could expand grapes in England’s cool environment.  Proof, if any were needed, that the lenders have been in the top 1% for centuries. Perkins’ systems were set up in factories as well as churches throughout the nation, many of them remaining in functional condition for over 150 years.  A testament to the durability of solid cast iron.  His system was likewise adjusted for use by bakers in the heating of their ovens and also in the wood-pulp for paper industry. Franz San Galli, a Prussian-born Russian entrepreneur living in St. Petersburg, developed the radiator in between 1855 and 1857, which was a significant step in the final shaping of modern central heating.The Victorian cast iron radiator ended up being in extensive use by the end of the 19th century as companies, such as the American Radiator Firm, expanded the marketplace for inexpensive radiators in the US and Europe.
commercial one-pipe heating system
JL & Co Shoemakers
Large Lond home - powerflushed successfully
W.S. Gilbert’s Home

Industrial Scale Power Flushing Service

As any experienced power flush specialist will tell you, domestic one-pipe systems are notoriously difficult to clean out properly.  Commercial systems are ten times harder, but we have great success. Particular problem areas are at Tee’s, elbows and of course ‘headers’.   In addition, one-pipe systems are often updates with the wrong TRV’s by plumbers/pipe-fitters who do not know that TRV valves on a one-pipe system have a one-way flow only. Successful one-pipe power flush work examples.  Both of the these were a raging success with a mixture of pre-dosing, TRV updates where required and thorough power flushing. Thos Lobb the worlds most expensive shoe maker in Northampton and Mr Gilbert’s house (of Gilbert & Sullivan fame ) both  a raging success with a mixture of pre-dosing , TRV updates and flushing In commercial systems there will be very little debris in the radiator itself and more in the pipework .  We will offer the client a choice of either ‘remove’ each radiator or ‘selected ones’ or pre-dose the system once or twice prior to flushing.

Best Commercial Power Flushing Service

kamco one pipe radiator image


We can hand-on-heart say that we are the most experienced commercial powerflush company in the UK with dozens of very happy clients and have a thorough understanding of one-pipe commercial heating systems and how to power flush them to BSRIA standards.  We liase closely with your point of contact on site to ensure a smooth progression of work to an agreed timetable.   Your continued use of the premises is our top priority,  although sometimes there may be a temporary inconvenience in some parts of the building; those areas are also identified in advance barring unforeseen circumstances. Pick up the phone and call us today or fill in the contact form for a prompt return call.  You can expect smooth efficient progress and a professional approach from the first phone call to the completion of the job.