Building Services Research and Information Association_ logoWe joined BSRIA in 2016 in order to take advantage of the many services that they provide. We are benefiting from their assistance in order to advance our knowledge within the industry and to incorporate some of their techniques into our processes and practices so that we can offer our clients an even better quality of service.

We are the only specialist power fushing company to have taken the decision to join them.

What Is The BSRIA?

The BSRIA is an ISO 9001 Registered organisation dedicated to research, instrument and consultancy and providing specialist building and construction services. This member based, non-profit distributing association assures its clients of its authoritative reputation and independent approach with all profits being invested into an ongoing research programme to produce best practice guidance that is recognised throughout the industry.

Founded in 1955, BSRIA (which is owned by the Building Services Research and Information Association) has an annual turnover of around £14.5 million. Employing more than 200 people, it has its headquarters in Bracknell, UK and also has several regional construction compliance offices not only across the UK, but also overseas in Spain, France, the USA and China as well as Associates in Australian, Brazil, Japan and Northern Ireland.

Services Provided By BSRIA

BSRIA has a extensive selection of services available to aid companies in the improvement of designing, building and operating buildings. It blends market research with product testing to help manufacturers to gain necessary certification and to plan marketing strategies. BSRIA also offers design validation services such as detail drawing reviews and mock up testing in order to save on time and repair costs. The organisation also provides independent energy reviews in order to help builders to achieve new development planning requirements. BSRIA’s construction compliance services are designed to help buildings to pass on their first application to avoid handover delays. Their one stop service includes thermal imaging, airtightness testing, ventilation testing and sound insulation testing. The organisation’s investigation services assist building operators to maintain and operate their buildings efficiently to save energy and money while keeping any disruption to business critical systems to a minimum. BSRIA is recognised as the UK’s leading independent laboratory for performance verification and testing of an extensive range of building services products, and it also has an Instrument Solutions division which offers a complete measurement and test service, hiring, calibrating and selling specialist instruments for construction and building services use. BSRIA also has specialist consultants who offer worldwide market intelligence across a range of building services products. Their mix of marketing and technical knowledge helps those in the construction industry to make informed decisions about their business and marketing strategies. BSRIA also provides a management consultancy service to aid companies in improving their staff management, processes and customer satisfaction levels.