Commercial and Industrial Heating Systems

  There are around one million large heating installations in the UK in which most of the components are cast iron and steel.

Although the infrastructure of these systems is usually very robust, corrosion will be inevitable – substantially affecting the system efficiency.

Corrosion will show itself in many ways;

  • Radiators have ‘cold spots’ along the bottom or in the middle.
  • Regular venting of radiators because the corrosion process will naturally make hydrogen.
  • Pump failures, almost annually, because the system is full of sludge.
  • Increasing gas or oil bills because the ‘warm-up’ period is longer.
  • Boiler and system noise

If you are planning to spend a large sum of money upgrading to a new ‘High Efficiency Condensing Boiler’, power flushing is essential.
Your well engineered product cannot fulfill it’s claim of up to 91.3% efficiency with a system full of sludge. System debris and sludge will reduce the performance of your system by between 5 and 20%.
During 2006 Powerflushing became a regulatory part of the upgrade process.
Photographs: left, a Super Concorde 250kw Modular Boiler, Right, a selection of commercial connections

More examples» of successful descaling and flushing of non-domestic installations

churchPowerFlushUK will:

  • Provide you with a free, accurate and competitive quotation.
  • Provide you with visible and written evidence of the state of system before and after
  • Undertake any necessary upgrades.
  • Re-seal any leaking radiator valves etc
  • Provide you with a report showing the future milestones for your system.

In addition, PowerFlushUK:

  • has the specialist equipment and chemicals for commercial and industrial applications.
  • has experienced and trained engineers for a professional job.
  • will dispose of all sludge and debris in an environmentally friendly way.
  • will work weekends and nights to avoid disruption to your business.
  • can work in buildings up to 40m high and with up to 80 radiators per floor.