Commercial Water Cleaning Services in Essex

Commercial Powerflush offers a comprehensive selection of premium commercial and industrial water treatment services in Essex. We provide affordable, environmentally friendly commercial water treatment solutions for companies in leading industries including Manufacturing, Food Processing, Breweries, Office Blocks and Paper Mills.

Our services provide proven solutions to and defense against limescale, corrosion and bacterial growth. With our help, you could save a small fortune in repair costs, decrease your energy costs and enjoy a longer lifespan for your heating, hot water and cooling equipment.

Essex Plate Heat Exchanger Issues

White rust, excessive mineral content and biological growth are all serious Plate Heat Exchanger issues. We’ll work with you to develop a customised treatment program that will prevent contamination from these sources in your Plate Exchangers.

We offer tailored water treatment services for the startup of new systems as well as timely maintenance programs for existing systems — including the cleaning of heat exchangers and corrosion prevention.

Essex Boiler Water Treatment Services

The formation of scale deposits on steam boiler tubes significantly reduces boiler efficiency and increases fuel costs. As a leading commercial boiler water treatment company in Essex, you can count on us to undertake through descaling with the minimum of boiler downtime.

We can also apply a chemical treatment to eliminate general corrosion and the more harmful pitting corrosion.