Direct Fired Water Heaters are a popular choice in buildings that have a high demand for a hot water supply. Robust and compact, these heaters are ideal for warehouses, factories and other industrial facilties, and require a permanent outdoor source of ventilation. Direct fired water heaters also use fuel in a more efficient manner than other indirect water heating methods as they operate on a principle of low storage and fast recovery. While Direct Fired water heaters have been in existence for over three decades, in recent years new technological developments using condensing technology have meant that they can now operate at an efficiency of as high as 98%. Today’s high quality direct fired water heaters are more environmentally friendly, having reduced carbon emissions and, thanks to their lower energy consumption they can help to significantly reduce the cost of energy bills.

Types Of Direct Fired Water Heaters

There are four primary popular makes of direct fired water heaters in the UK: AO Smith, Andrews, Hamworthy and Lochinvar. All four manufacturers produce high efficiency, cost effective water heating solutions for commercial premises that are made to the highest European standards in order to supply a high level of comfort for the users inside the building.  ‘Commercial Powerflush‘ has successfully descaled all four makes and their many models of direct-fired water heaters.

Maintenance Of Direct Fired Water Heaters

hamworthy direct-fired water heater de-scaling

Courtesy: Hamworthy Heating

While direct fired water heaters are an excellent choice, especially in commercial settings where hot water is greatly in demand, they do require ongoing maintenance to ensure that they remain in optimal functioning order. Part of this routine maintenance is performing regular cleaning of the heater’s components to prevent contaminant build up and to ensure that flow is not impeded around the system. Heavy use of direct fired water heaters results in excessive deposits of limescale on the outlets and the base, and when this is allowed to accumulate over time, problems can occur in the heating system that result in inefficient operation, poor quality heating and an increase in the cost of energy bills.

De-Scaling As A Cleaning Solution

lochinvar commercial direct-fire water heater installation

Courtesy: Lochinvar

De-scaling of Direct Fired water heaters is a closely allied process to power flushing and is one of the best ways of keeping them clean and functioning to the best of their ability. In the same way that limescale builds up on everyday domestic items like baths, showers and kettles, limescale also builds up on the components inside direct fired water heaters. While limescale build-up on the surface is easy to see and deal with, scale that has accumulated inside the system’s pipes cannot be seen and therefore may build up excessively until it causes a blockage that can result in a costly system breakdown. This is especially a problem in parts of the country that have hard water. Without regular de-scaling maintenance, limescale build up inside the system can cause a significant reduction in the water heater’s performance as well as higher energy costs.

The entire descaling process only takes around 4 hours to complete and restores the system to its maximum capacity, extending its lifespan, protecting the heater from future breakdowns and even helping to cut energy bills.


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