PowerFlushUK uses MagnaClean equipment for power flushing domestic central heating systems. MagnaClean have produced a proven, high efficiency, full-flow, magnetic filter designed to tackle all central heating systems and removing virtually 100% of suspended black iron oxide. The MagnaClean PowerFlushing filter has been developed specifically for central heating professionals to undertake the best possible system cleaning and maintenance. These magnets (right) show the hard sludge and rust that was removed after a one hour power flushing session on a cast iron boiler.
MagnaClean Industrial
  • MagnaClean Industrial operates in two key ways. Firstly, it purges even the most demanding and dirtiest commercial system of the potentially damaging iron-oxide. Secondly, the ongoing operation of the heating system is trouble-free as the water circulates through what is effectively a ‘protected’ iron oxide-free zone.Pictured left, is possibly the biggest MagnaClean industrial filter installed in the UK by PowerFlushUK
  • magnaclean domesticThe famous Magnaclean system for domestic central heating systems (right) will ensure your system stays clean as it collects the loose particles that create sludge.We can install this equipment during a power flush for only £125 + vat For more information about MagnaClean products click here»