Powerflush UK Successfully Cleans Country's Oldest Two-Pipe System

When it comes to cutting edge solutions to improving heating systems, Powerflush UK have the edge over the competition. As the only company in the UK who have the necessary specialist equipment to enable them to take on large scale commercial jobs of up to 300 radiators at a single time, they are leading the way in the power flushing industry.Trent Building Quadrangle Power flushing is often thought of as a solution for modern central heating systems, however Power flush UK have proved that this is not always the case. The company is one of the UK’s leading experts in power flushing systems, and thanks to their impressive modern equipment, they are able to tackle power flushing jobs of all sizes, including those on a very large scale. Recently they successfully completed an especially exciting job which was truly one of a kind. The Trent Building at Nottingham University boasts the oldest two-pipe heating system in the UK, having been installed in this elegant building in 1928. At the time of its installation, this was the most innovative, cutting edge solution to heating, and it has remained in place until the present day. Recently, this ancient system was struggling to function correctly, failing to produce the heat necessary for a university building. Having tried to rectify the problem without success, the building management despaired of finding a solution and were beginning to consider replacing the entire system. Power flushing The UK's Oldest two-pipe system Luckily, Powerflush UK were able to step into the breach with their high quality equipment to perform an effective power flush throughout the building’s central heating system. Despite the enormity of the job, Powerflush UK were able to completely remove over three quarters of a century of sludge and debris, making the system as good as new once more. The management team were delighted with the results and the historic heating system has been preserved for many years to come. A power flush is the term given to an effective cleaning process which is able to remove any debris and deposits from a central heating system. Over time, sludge, rust and other contaminants are able to build up, and as a result, the efficiency of a heating system declines. The telltale signs that a central heating system may require treatment include loud noises from the boiler, discolouration in the water when the radiators are bled, cold patches on radiators and excessive time taken for the system to heat up. When all other remedies have failed to resolve the problem, a power flush is the obvious solution. Power flushing allows the water to circulate effectively around the system once more by removing all contaminants. By connecting a high flow/low pressure pumping unit to the system and by adding powerful cleansing chemicals including a sludge crust remover, corrosion inhibitor and a descaler, the limescale and other debris is broken down and removed from the system leaving it free to function effectively once more. Not only can a power flush lower the cost of energy bills, but it also ensures that the system produces optimal heat. PowerFlushUK was featured in “Gas Installer”, the leading publication for the plumbing, heating and ventilation industry. The magazine gave CORGI members technical information, bulletins and information about new products and services. In a 2-page article the benefits of power flushing are listed and the techniques involved are demonstrated by PowerFlushUK. The project described was a care home for the elderly in Bracknell which had an old cast-iron boiler system. The magazine pictures Bob with a caption “…. another successful job completed on time and with another satisfied client on the books” Read the full feature:  Page 1   Page 2