Sidestreaming is a new innovation which offers great advantages over conventional style cleaning. The Sidestream equipment is installed in-line within the boiler house and is left in situ for three months. Sludge is removed from the system continuously during that time and progress is monitored regularly. The main benefits are that disruption to your office or other operations is minimised since most of the work is limited to the boiler house, costs can be up to half of conventional power flushing and the potential for leaks that can occur during power flushing is removed. sidestreamFeatures and benefits of Sidestream Power Flushing is below:
  • All work is in the boiler house
  • No need for heating engineers to visit heat emitters around the building
  • Cleaning is at the ‘standard system pressure’
  • Does not risk damage or weakness in the system
  • Does not intrude on your business operations
  • Has been proven to be effective on systems over a hundred years old
  • Very competitive costing
  • Uses ph neutral Chemicals
  • Cleaning can be over 1, 2 or 3 months
  • Performance is measured over the cleaning period by independent water testing
  • Can run  in summer or winter
sidestreamsidestreamPhotos: above, Sidestream unit in place far left, Sidestream unit in a 600mm space, left, Sidestream unit on a 90 year old system If you would like an estimate of the cost for your premises, simply fill in the online form