Case Study 3

The BBC Regional Building at Tunbridge Wells This was instigated by our valued clients Acorn MPS in Leicester while replacing the boilers. The plant room was very difficult to access as was general access and parking. We removed 7 pumps and flushed the seven circuits + the header and ‘Y’ strainers with a good result

Case Study 2

Cleveden Hall Nr Bristol offers serviced offices, Wedding and conference facilities and has an aging heating system some of which dates back to the 1920’s . Many of the radiators did not work as well as whole areas of the building We worked with their regular installer and a close interest from the owners to

Case Studies

The PowerflushUK Blog. Some of our most interesting projects are outlined in our blog. An occasional review of PFUK activities and observations about power flushing in general. Update Dec. 2014.   There is a Case Study just below here and you can go to the blog

Case Study 1

THE HUB in Birmingham, like most new Churches is in use 7 days a week for meetings, societies, social services and of course valuable church work> Tony Blair & Gordon Brown have used the Hub for presentations. The building although only ten years old was suffering from a poor comfort levels in most rooms and