London, United Kingdom – July 24, 2014

Powerflush UK has announced its 3000+ milestone for users of its Powerflushing Service. In celebration of this major event, Powerflush UK is creating a new website. Details can be found on the website:

Powerflush UK has attracted home owners and commercial landlords who are interested in a product that offers a guarantee against blockages in their system for five years. The continued popularity has spawned several innovations, including a certificate proving and guaranteeing the ‘inner cleanliness’™ of their system. and visual and written evidence of the state of their system.

Bob Jones, Owner, has been extremely excited by the growing momentum of PowerflushUK and upon reaching this milestone, had this to say about the thorough cleaning of heating system sludge and limescale:

The company was the first in the country to specialise in powerflushing and de-scaling of domestic and commercial heating systems. To have successfully completed over 3000 powerflushes with as many happy customers is a real source of pride and a motivator to continue developing custom solutions for domestic and large systems.

People looking for a new Powerflushing Service for homes are encouraged to take a look at the Powerflush website at